CO2 Laser for various type of Warts.

Pulsed-Dye Laser

The main type of laser is used to remove warts. The light heats up the blood in the tiny vessels inside the wart and destroys the vessels as, without blood, the wart dies and falls off. The laser’s heat may also attack the virus that causes wart.

The feeling is like a rubber band snapping against your skin in the process of Laser. No serious pain after the procedure is done. You heal fully within 2-4 weeks.

Laser treatment is good for hard-to-reach spots like genital warts in your urethra, the tube carries pee from you’re the bladder out of the body. Depending on the number of warts you have and its position the Doctor might give you medicine that numbs the area. Might also put to sleep.

Laser surgery can have a couple of downsides:

The doctor thinks as there is not enough proof that laser surgery works better than other treatments, like removing it with regular surgery. But laser may do a better job of keeping warts from coming back.

Other Laser Options

Carbon dioxide laser

This might be a good choice if your warts are around your fingernails or toenails and other treatments haven’t worked. First, let the doctor use the laser to cut away the top of warts. Then makes the light less focused as it will burn away the rest. The debris it stirs may include the virus which causes warts. You may have more scarring with this treatment than from pulsed dye laser.